Three Colours: White/ Egalité: Women on the Edge - Meet the Speaker Katya Veleva

Women in Architecture are presenting a series of three events: Three Colours: Blue White Red. The second event White in October is in collaboration with the RIBA and Herman Miller and deals with in-between spaces and gender. We explore barriers, exchange, exploitation and their relationship to spaces and architecture.

Katya Veleva, BIM Strategy Consultant, Artist, Comedian

Katya will not be stuck for words when it comes to the gender pay gap. She gets straight to the heart of the matter with several unexpected metaphors that will bring some comfort to an otherwise awkward discussion. Katya will be mixing fact, fun and stories about her own personal oppressions bacuase “ it's way too much deviation from a straight white male I am dealing with here.”

“I’m trying to point out what we can do to put ourselves in a better place - trusting yourself and building the kind of confidence that suits you, rather than "off the shelf boy loud confidence.”

Katya Veleva

Katya Veleva

Katya is a thinker, not a clicker. Her true passion is bringing people together around technology and promoting clear and transparent collaborative processes and communication.

Katya is part of Archilizer – a leading BIM consultancy based in London. Her career started within various international architectural practices with significant focus in Healthcare. Healthcare, a sector with high and advanced BIM standards was what drove her into consultancy. Recently she has been working on large infrastructure projects, tackling information management problems derived from the scale of both projects and teams.

Katya, a core committee member of the Women in BIM network, has always been deeply involved with the learning and development in her workplace. Her expertise led her to teaching a course on the fundamentals of BIM at Aston University earlier this year.

Katya is not only a thinker, she is a maker. Her artwork has been shown around the UK as part of group exhibitions in London, Nottingham, Loughborough and also in Western Australia. In her free time she dabbles in fashion design and stand up comedy.

Meet Katya and hear her talk: Mind the Gap by joining us at the White event on October 10th. Register here.