Three Colours: White/ Egalité: Women on the Edge - Meet the Speaker Kathryn Timmins

Passionate about architectural education at all ages Kathryn runs workshops for to students from primary school to college level on careers in the built environment and architectural skills. As well as critting and teaching, Kathryn co-leads an MA unit at Manchester School of Architecture with a focus on feminist architecture and designing for diversity.

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Three Colours: White/ Egalité: Women on the Edge - Meet the Speaker Zahra Haider

“I am quite interested in self-imposed or internalised mental barriers within ourselves, which often are the most difficult to break down and most debilitating. When we have internalised barriers or self-perception, even deep down, we are a little less stronger, a little less sure of ourselves. In a situation that is already trying to push us out, we end up feeling unable to fight back.”

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Her Story

Recapping the films shown at our inaugural event on June 26th this week, the first film we showed as part of Three Colours Blue/Liberté, looking at How Women Experience External Space, was Building Her Story.

What would cities look like if women were more involved in the design process? What would a more inclusive design look like? We kicked off on the 26th with this a little extract from ‘Building Her Story’ by Atelier 4A, a female collective from the M.Arch Architecture at the University for the Creative Arts.

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