Vienna: Planning a Women-oriented City

Sabina Riss of Technische Universitat Vienna shared from the experience of Women-led planning and design for the WiA event Three Colours White/ Egalité: Women on the Edge

Summary of good-practice instruments

  • Establish women in key positions in City Planning, City Councils, Research

  • Conduct qualitative analysis, surveys on women`s urban needs

  • Organise exhibitions, symposium analysing the effects planning holds

    on women/men and creating public awareness

  • Define quality planning criteria

  • Establish pilot projects

  • Evaluate pilot projects

  • Involve media and get good resonance

  • Establish unit/department in the city planning administration specializing on gender issues

  • Publish good-practice manuals

  • Assess developer housing competitions - expert jury judging gender criteria

  • Set up a dialectical relationship between planning expertise and political support ”

Sabina says: “It was a wonderful and constructive evening. Thank you Women in Architecture.”