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The steering committee of WiA is a highly committed and engaged group of women from a range of backgrounds, age and workplaces. We have members from David Chipperfield, Make, MICA, AHMM, among others, as well as sole practitioners and students. We have representatives of NAWIC, Women in BIM and RIBA on the panel. Members teach at Liverpool University, Canterbury University and are guest critics at Bath and UEL.

The group reformed in 2018 after the making of the documentary She Draws: She Builds, around the making of which the current leaders met. The interest and excitement the film generated gave rise to questions about the then dormant Women in Architecture group, some of whose founders and early leaders were interviewed in the film. With worldwide interest raised about gender equality by the #MeToo movement, it seemed like the right time for Women in Architecture UK to re-engage.

Over the last year, WiA has expanded its reach and helped promote women at events throughout the country and abroad.


  • Sarah Akigbogun

  • Pepper Barney

  • Kathy Basheva

  • Jacqueline Bleicher

  • Laura Collins

  • Anne Cosentino

  • Emma Curtin

  • Mandy Franz

  • Karen Fugle

  • Anna Gidman

  • Cheryl Pilliner Reeves

  • Charlotte Randall

  • Emma Rapley

  • Louise Regan-Alexander

  • Anna Schabel

  • Sanaa Shajkh

  • Lucy Sheppard

  • Wendy de Silva

  • Areta Soare

  • Chloe Tayali

  • Alicja Borkowska

  • Lilli Hoikka

  • Iris Papadatou

  • Annette Fisher

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Women in Architecture want to tackle the deep-rooted, well documented gender disparities within the profession.  

We want to disrupt the familiar narrative of architectural history, from which women are largely omitted and obscured, by supporting, inspiring and championing women in architecture.  

We want to challenge the structural, cultural and institutional issues facing women within the profession and within education.

We want to stop the talent drain of women from our profession and ensure the voices of women in architecture are heard. We believe this will have a positive impact on the built environment and secure a legacy of inspiration for future generations.

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WiA does this through its initiatives, activities and events. We:

  • research to inform, promote, debate and bring about change

  • lobby for a working culture that supports women in the professions

  • campaign to raise the profile of women in architecture and the built environment

  • develop national and international professional alliances

  • exhibit work that reflects, promotes and celebrates the roles of women

  • mentor women throughout their academic and professional carers

  • network to share experience, exchange ideas and develop links

  • promote the significant and diverse contribution of women to the professions

In our first year we will focus on issues identified in our focus group meeting:

  • Shifting work culture

  • Providing networks

  • Providing mentoring

  • Promoting wellbeing

  • Tackling bullying and harassment

We intend this to be an evolving manifesto, which responds to the issues of the day.

We want to hear from you if you have suggestions or thoughts about what we should focus on.