WIA OPEN CALL for Three Colours: White/ Egalité: Women on the Edge

What constrains us? Where do we feel free? Women in Architecture UK is seeking short and micro films that explore women and transitional spaces.


Architecture and film have long enjoyed a close relationship; from the earliest days of cinema, film has been fascinated with the city and film in turn provides a way in which we can explore the inhabited experience of city spaces in a way that takes us beyond the traditional tools of architectural representation.

Continuing our take on Kielowski’s Three Colours series, White/Égalité the second in our Trilogy Blue:White:Red explores women in in-between spaces.

We explore barriers, exchange, exploitation and their relationship to cities, space and architecture.

The theme is open to wide interpretation and can encompass geographical, physical and psychological boundaries and boarders. Films can explore confinement, liberation…the making and breaking of boundaries, economic and cultural exchange. We look forward to seeing your take on this theme.

If you’ve made a film in which women are, on, near or in edge conditions, please submit your film by emaiing hello@wia-uk.org, marking your email FAO Sarah Akigbogun.

The deadline for submissions is October 4th.